Safety Communication from FDA Is Not Related to Vanishpoint® Syringe

You may have heard about the November 30, 2023 FDA Safety Communication, “Evaluating Plastic Syringes Made in China for Potential Device Failures.” Retractable Technologies Inc. wants to assure you that the safety communication does not refer or relate to VanishPoint safety syringes from Retractable Technologies. The FDA identified quality issues related to “leaks, breakage, and other problems after manufacturers made changes to the syringe dimensions.” Retractable Technologies has not incorporated any recent changes to the dimensions of the syringe barrel on its VanishPoint® safety syringe, the industry’s gold standard safety syringe. VanishPoint users can continue to be confident not only in VanishPoint’s ability to deliver the correct dose of medication, but also in its ability to protect users from needlesticks better than any other safety syringe.

You can rely on VanishPoint safety syringes from Retractable Technologies, Inc. VanishPoint syringes continue to be—by far—the safest on the market, for both the healthcare worker and the patient.

If the Safety Communication causes a shortage for you, rest assured that Retractable Technologies stands ready with inventory to deliver VanishPoint safe and effective syringes to you.

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